Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Opposite of a Celebrity Crush

I was in kind of a negative mood this morning.  It's pouring out.  My team is 2-9 and I don't think it is too early to panic.  Nothing really wrong, just the rainy day blues.  I was doing my daily internet stuff, facebook, weather, news, when I saw that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are expecting their third child.  Then my mood went from negative to downright foul.  I don't care for Tori and Dean.  Then my mood got even worse when I realized that I was investing energy disliking people I don't even know! What a loser I am!

I looked closely at their photo and reminded myself that I had no reason not to like them  Sure, he always looks kind of smarmy but maybe he can't help that.  Sure, they left their original spouses for each other but they explained all that.  They are soul mates, apparently it was out of their hands.  What the heck is it about them, particularly him, that gets under my skin so?  It's like having the opposite of a celebrity crush.

Adding to the energy I was spending disliking strangers, I did a Google search.  I was reminded of why I felt so strongly.  When Dean told his wife that he was leaving her for Tori, she was stunned.  Not only did they have a young son but they had just adopted a baby daughter.  He told his wife, "I'm not leaving the kids, I'm leaving you."  Liar.  He has joint custody of his son but according to my source (Wikipedia) he 'opted not to move forward with the adoption of his daughter.'  His adopted child was optional to him.  Perhaps his ex-wife wanted it this way. If this is the case I am willing to guess he gave in without a fight. If she had insisted that he give up custody of his biological son, would that have been okay with him?

Going through the adoption process is a big deal.  Making the initial decision.  The home study.  The mountain of paperwork.  It doesn't just happen, he decided to do it.  He can't claim to have been blindsided.  He chose to bring a new member into his family.  He probably helped his wife decorate her nursery, pick out her name, prepare their son for a new sibling.  They brought her home, she was theirs.  Then he met Tori Spelling.  A woman he had just met was not optional for him but his daughter was.  Yuck.

As much as I don't think it is right for me to voice opinions regarding people I don't know, I am going to make an exception for Dean McDermott. I think he is a huge creep.


  1. So I'm assuming you also hate Jesse James and Billy Bob Thorton? I always thought that was strange too though, I mean if his wife was pregnant would he have "opted not to move forward with the raising of his child?" I can understand a woman not wanting the husband to have contact, but eh... I'm not so sure. I think maybe it's like you *have* to give the horrible hubby rights to his biological child, even if you wouldn't want to, so she kept the only child she could away from him? Who knows.

  2. You are right, those two cases have bothered me, too. I really hate the double standard when it comes to adopted children. It feels so wrong to me. What is it like for the child Dean decided not to follow through with adopting when her brother goes on visitation with his dad? How will the details of that story affect her one day? "Well, we were both planning for you and wanting you know, something better came along for the man who was going to be your dad."

  3. WOW! I had no idea about any of this.. I do not keep up with celebrity news very well. I am now disgusted with you :( I really hope this will not negatively affect the little girl later in life.. but it's hard to think it won't at all. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pretty despicable. I have a hard time looking at them and not thinking that he's smarmy (as you said) and that her plastic surgery makes her look like a transvestite. So I understand about wasting energy disliking (and judging!) people I don't know (and in my case, for very superficial reasons) (though I am also philosophically opposed to plastic surgery, so maybe that's part of my issue).

  5. I feel dirty.....I have always loved them...and it was so superficial and idealized. Now I feel dirty with this new found knowledge. yuck. I get it.

  6. hideous. i wish i'd read this on a rainy day instead of a sunny day. Because i am in the right mood for feeling negative.

    --also sorry about your flight attendant. what a clueless woman.