Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Judging Celine...

The cover story of this past week's People magazine had a photo of Celine Dion with the story lead  'Celine's Infertility Struggle; My Private Heartache" Daily injections, painful tests and four failed IVF attempts: the singer, 41, reveals her dreams for a second baby. 'I'll try until it works.'

I felt instantly annoyed.  I flipped right to the article and felt even more annoyed.  I do think that infertility is heartbreaking and normally, I feel for any couple who goes through that struggle.  My own parents traveled the road of infertility for 11 years before adopting my older brother and then me 2 years later, eventually having a biological child 2 years after that.  There was just something about Celine's struggle that rubbed me the wrong way.  I couldn't help it, I thought, 'If your desire for another child is so strong, adopt!'  When her husband, was asked if they were considering adoption, he said "not really".  I thought, 'Do you want another child or not? Giving birth is not the only way to add to your family.' I felt they were being narrow minded and stubborn in their quest for a sibling for their 9 year old son.

Shortly after my mental ranting, I realized something that made me feel embarrassed.  I have blogged about people being judgmental about our choice to adopt from Ethiopia.  I was angry that people were critical of international adoption, and felt that we should have adopted from our foster care system.  I didn't care for being judged, yet here I was judging Celine Dion (of all people!) for how she was choosing to add to her family. I am kind of a jerk.  She has the right to keep on trying for another biological child.  I am sure that she is aware of adoption,  has considered it and ruled it out.  That is her right and I am sorry for thinking otherwise. I've got to go..... and grab (another) slice of humble pie...


  1. The fact that you recognize these things about yourself, is what makes you such a lovable person. No one is perfect, but people who recognize their faults, and admit to them out loud come pretty damn close.... just sayin ;o)

  2. Well said...I thought the same thing, but I am ashamed to say, I did not catch myself. Thank you for reminding me not to be so judgemental. I needed that!! : )

  3. Thanks for that serving of humble pie and a little self-reflection -- I bought that People and felt exactly the same way... "What? Adopted kids aren't good enough for you?" But you're right -- everyone comes to their own decisions after much hard reflection and we don't know what the back story is there... keep writing, I love it! xoxo - Brenda