Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can I raise my hand?

Mikias loves to answer questions.  Before anyone, (teacher, parent, coach, cub scout leader), can even finish a question, Mikias has his hand up.  Even if he doesn't have the answer, he always has something to add.  Kurt and I have a signal for him when we want him to put his hand down.  He knows the signal, so he refuses to make eye contact with us when he is raising his hand.  We prep him on the way to events, reminding him not to raise his hand unless he has heard the entire question and is confident of his answer.  He refuses to take our advice.

This past Sunday in church, we had a speaker, a Haitian man, who was talking about Haiti and the relief efforts of his organization, Partners with Haiti.  He shared a very moving story about a man that he had met months ago in Haiti.  He talked about the connection they made because of their shared faith in Jesus.  He recently learned that the man he was speaking about died in the earthquake.  There was comfort to him in knowing that because of his faith, he knew where this man now is.  He told us that he never wants to miss a chance to share the gospel,  that the earthquake has really brought this home to him.  He continued, 'if you were to die today or tomorrow, do you know where you are going to go?'  The church was silent, absorbing what he had to say.  Well, silent with the exception of  Mikias, who was smacking me on the arm asking me if he could please raise his hand.  I shook my head no and gave him my most fierce 'be quiet...not now' face.  He said "But I know this one....cemetery...the answer is definitely cemetery!!"  At least he heard the entire question and was confident of his answer....


  1. We are laughing so hard about this!! xoxo Bethe & Carlos

  2. Ha ha ha! Good for Mikias. He did know the answer to that one...I just read it to Joe. He's cracking up. Thanks for sharing, Alison... (he he he)

  3. Out of the mouths of babes! I usually get one of those comments when taking my four children (ages 7.5, 5, 3.5 & 2.5) to church weekly. Everyone needs a little giggle! Especially in church!